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This book is only in the beginning stages and unsure how it will unravel, but want to share pieces of it with you as we travel this journey together.  I would love to hear your story, it could be another chapter.....

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Some info about the upcoming book

Chapter 1:  I Lived With A Monster

I was a young child living in Southeastern, OH in the Appalachian Hills near West Virginia.  My bio-logical father was a raging alcoholic and my Mother was/is a loving, kind woman who worked very hard to keep clothes on our back and food on the table.  One of the last memories I have of my bio-logical father is the night he came home drunk and loaded his shot gun and lined us up against the kitchen counter.  I was the one lined up closest to the screen door and to this day, I will never know where I got the courage to run out the door and down this long, steep driveway in the darkness.  I can't see anything in front of me, it was pitch black, black as black can be.  I continued to run, my heart racing from fear that I would never see my family alive.

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Book Jodi for Motivational Speaking Engagments

I strive in helping businesses grow their bottom line by teaching 100% responsibility for each and every employee.  This creates a happier, well oiled machine that delivers and delivers in...