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I have spent several years working with others, helping to become a better "you".  It all started out in a management role in the advertising industry.  I learned quickly that ego can stand between you and being a great leader who inspires others to be the best that they can be.  My work has changed over the past several years into helping others find inner peace, the ability to let go and be in the day, the now....this moment.  At some point in our lives especially when you are over 30 and you have had time in the world for it to beat you up, emotionally, physically and spiritually is when we all need to hit that pause button and refocus our energy and time.  I help you define "you" and begin living life in the moments that count, today!  I began to find inner peace when I started getting out of the way and asking for help and guidance. 

In the Book called "The Road Less Traveled" states: " Life is difficult, but once you accept life is difficult, it is no longer difficult".

I read this and it rang a bell within  on how true that statement really is.  My thinking got in the way which skewed my perception, my reality.

Let Jodi guide you in the most difficult time

I have received emails over emails asking how do I let go?  How do I live in the "now"?  I used to think the same way.  I have had my share of struggles and I am glad I did have those struggles or we wouldn't be sharing this journey together through Let Go.Be

If you are interested in working with me (Jodi) please shoot me an email with your number and best time to contact you so we can schedule a call.  My email address is jodi@letgobe.com

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Let's start today.....let go.be

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Book Jodi for Motivational Speaking Engagments
Book Jodi for Motivational Speaking Engagments

I strive in helping businesses grow their bottom line by teaching 100% responsibility for each and every employee.  This creates a happier, well oiled machine that delivers and delivers in...