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I had to lose everything before I could see the light of my own self destruction thinking.  I spent almost 16 years in the world of Billboard Advertising, starting out in sales and working my way up the Corporate ladder into Management.  My last position was Divisional President over 5 states and I was making very good money.  I had finally arrived, I had the homes, the cars and never had to worry about how my bills were going to get paid.  I no longer lived pay check to pay check.  Oh.....and I was a functional alcoholic until I was no longer functional.  I was let go from my position as Divisional President in the spring of 2008, three days prior to breast surgery(it wasn't cancer).

 If you recall, it was around this time when the market crashed and nobody was hiring in the Advertising Industry.  I decided to move back to Michigan and start my own Advertising Agency.  It's not what you think, it was just a one woman show trying to earn a living.  I had two homes, one in GA and the other in Eastern KY and they weren't selling.  For the next year in Michigan, I continued to try to make ends meat while still claiming to be a functional alcoholic.  The walls were closing in and I felt myself gasping for air.  I worked during the day and drank at night until I passed out.  My business was in Michigan because this is where I had business relationships from my days in sales.  My long term relationship no longer wanted me around so I was stuck and no where to go.  I lived in a friends foreclosure property for 2 months, living on an air mattress with my three dogs that loved me unconditionally.

 I woke up one morning in November 2009 with my dogs staring at me, I am sure hoping I was going to open my eyes.  I remember that morning as if it was yesterday.  I opened my eyes to them and I had two thoughts, the first one being I love you babies and the second thought was.....shit, I am still alive.  After realizing, I was still alive I found myself crying and wondering what I was going to do?  At that moment, I knew if I stood any chance on finding inner peace, I have to get help and treat my Alcoholism.  I just didn't want to live in such despair any longer.  I found out that this journey couldn't be faced alone and it was time to get on my knees and ask for help.  I found my help AA and the people there that helped me to just get through this day without drinking.  I haven't had a drink since November 12,2009.  It was about 6 months into my journey without alcohol that the words Let Go.Be came racing through my mind.  It was at that moment when my life changed.  It all made sense, I spent a life time worrying about tomorrow or regretting the past that I could never enjoy the day, the moment.  I finally let go of the idea that I had control over people, places, things and situations.  The only thing I have 100% control over are my actions and attitude.  In order to "be", I have to place acceptance in my heart for people, places, things and situations.  I had to stop blaming the world and things around me for my terrible circumstances and take 100% responsibility for my life, the good and the bad.  By the time I finally took responsibility for my alcoholism, I was financially, emotionally and spiritually bankrupt and had absolutely no hope.  Today, I have a lot of hope because I took action in my life and stopped pointing fingers outward and started pointing them inward.  

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We all need to Let Go.Be.  When we do, we find inner peace and are empowered to create the world around us.  It doesn't matter if it is personal or business issues that keep you from being the best you can be, it all has to do with our perception.  I would love the opportunity to share the let go.be philosophy with you and bring it into your environment to empower the best out of each of us.

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Har Eker is an amazing leader in the inspirational world and I want to share with you a version of what I read from him today.

Written by: Har Eker

"So it's up to you to choose a perspective of where you are today, not where you were yesterday. You don't know where you are today until you show up. Come from the present moment, be in the present moment, and then choose to see how you can utilize the guidance that I believe life is giving us all the time. Ask the universe for guidance, and you will receive it. You never know which "today" could provide your life's next turning point."

His article is called "Turning Points" and you can find it at

I wake up each morning and I talk to the universe and I typically ask to help guide me to be the best person I can be to myself and others in the next 24 hours. For me, when I ask for the guidance it is a way to remind me to stay in the day and make the best of it. Maybe it is also a way of surrendering to the fact that I am not alone and I don't have to face things alone. By asking for guidance each and every day, I am keeping the door open all time and staying plugged into the positive energy instead of the negative energy. Let Go.Be is with me each and every day to remind me that I have the choice to stay positive or negative, I have the choice to make it a good day or a bad day. We all have the choice and we can at any moment pull ourselves back into the moment and plug ourselves into the energy source that keeps us energized.

Stay in the day, stay in the solution and keep on keeping on.

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