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Upcoming Events

Entre Slam- Ann Arbor- Show has been postponed until October

Will be held in October, Date still not determined

Sorry for the inconvenience!  On a good note.......it is going to be a huge event in October.  I will keep you posted

Starlight Program

The Power Of A Positive Attitude/ Thinking

Looking forward to traveling to Zanesville, Ohio to spend a couple hours with the Staff on the "power of positive thinking"



Guest Speaker at Starlight Muskingum

I am looking forward to spending time in Zanesville, Ohio as Guest Speaker for Starlight Muskingum.  I will give you updates after I get back.  

Let Go.Be


Awarded The Rising Phoenix

Rising Pheonix Award Photo

Rising Phoenix Award


November 2013- Tri Valley School

I had a wonderful time spending the day with Juniors and Seniors sharing the philosophy of Let Go.Be.  It doesn't matter what age you are.....we all can benefit from taking 100% responsibility.  Thank you, Tri Valley for inviting me to spend the day with the students.


Reason behind Rubber Bracelets

I wanted to create a product that is "more than just a product", wanted to create hope.   The rubber bracelets make it affordable for each of us to do something for another.  I always keep them with me because a day doesn't go by that I don't bump into someone who is struggling and by handing them a bracelet with the card that is attached is a way for me and hopefully others to deliver "hope".  I truly believe that together we can inspire others to keep moving forward and recognize the power in the day.  The bracelet helps us bring it back in the day and reflect on what we truly have to be grateful for.  And when we are grateful....we can't help but look at the world around us differently.  I hope you join this mission, because one bracelet at a time we can move mountains.


Brendon Burchard Training

Just completed my two month training with Brendon Burchard.  I never stop enjoying learning more about how to live in the present moment.  He wrote a book called "The Golden Ticket", a must read!  He survived a car accident when he was 19 years of age and that one moment he asked himself three questions. 1.  Did I live?  2.  Did I love?  3.  Did I matter?   Those three questions changed his life and his direction in how he lives today and what truly matters.


News Title Four

This is an edited version of a post that originally appeared on my blog, which is actually about my life as the father of a recovering addict. But my father was an alcoholic my entire life, and I had a great deal of resentment, anger, and even hatred towards him for many years...

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Pink Ladies Let Go Be Hat
Pink Ladies Let Go Be Hat

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Book Jodi for Motivational Speaking Engagments
Book Jodi for Motivational Speaking Engagments

I strive in helping businesses grow their bottom line by teaching 100% responsibility for each and every employee.  This creates a happier, well oiled machine that delivers and delivers in...