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Peace & Love Keepsakes and Gifts

At some point in our lives we are faced with struggles and the keepsake jewelry is a reminder to stay in the day.  If it isn't us at the moment we might have a family, friend or co worker who is struggling and a let go.be keepsake will bring a smile to their face and possibly a tear of appreciation.  Each gift has an inspirational card attached empowering us to stay in the day.  I can honestly say, I pass out the rubber bracelets from time to time and the response is typically...."thank you, I needed just this today". 

Pink Ladies Let Go Be Hat

One Size Fits All


A special keep sake gift is great for inspiring you or a loved one to live in the day.  Also a great way of sharing a message of hope to someone who is struggling with something.  We all need an extra boost of hope.

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