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Peace & Love Keepsakes and Gifts

At some point in our lives we are faced with struggles and the keepsake jewelry is a reminder to stay in the day.  If it isn't us at the moment we might have a family, friend or co worker who is struggling and a let go.be keepsake will bring a smile to their face and possibly a tear of appreciation.  Each gift has an inspirational card attached empowering us to stay in the day.  I can honestly say, I pass out the rubber bracelets from time to time and the response is typically...."thank you, I needed just this today". 

Book Jodi for Motivational Speaking Engagments

I strive in helping businesses grow their bottom line by teaching 100% responsibility for each and every employee.  This creates a happier, well oiled machine that delivers and delivers in productivity, hence bottom line grows.  Please call me at 517-515-9902 or email me jodi@letgobe.com for rates and available dates.  

Book Jodi as a Guest Speaker for your events.  Let Jodi inspire the masses, book Jodi to motivate, fill the hearts of many.  Jodi brings humor to the stage and empowers people to change their perception.  Motivating all to own their lives, the good and the bad and to live in the moment.  It is in the moment where we are productive and it is our own thinking that holds us captive from being the best we can be.  I look forward to hearing from  you.  Please email me or call me to discuss rates and available dates.


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A special keep sake gift is great for inspiring you or a loved one to live in the day.  Also a great way of sharing a message of hope to someone who is struggling with something.  We all need an extra boost of hope.

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